Our live interactive online gaming APP/ Website

Where members can safely interact with Tube Operators/Players whom will play our preparatory game(s). By digitally rolling the dice and swiping cards with the click of a mouse or tap of a button members will experience a unique and fantastic sexual encounters every time they log on.

This App will create yet another stream of revenue for our company taking our brand to new heights of authenticity. Members will pay a monthly fee of around $16.95 for full access to couples playing our flagship game live on line. Members can view archives or interact with our operators (Players). Giving our members the options of participating as a Voyeurs or as Dominants (Puppet Master).

txplive.com will soon make available its proprietary ‘pay-to-party” live interactive cyber sex game rooms, located on the, “The Playground” tab button on our website. This unique experience will be TXP’s secret weapon that sets it apart from the current incumbent services. Triple X Playground will be the premiere site for pleasure seekers in all sexual genres, where people around the world can come together to live out their fantasies. Players can search internationally through game rooms for other players, and the fantasies of their choosing. Players can select to direct the actions of others, or acted out their own fantasies, or sit back and watch indulging their voyeuristic pleasure. There is no time limit or cost associated with these sessions. There will be a small monthly fee to open up this new and unique world of sexual possibilities. Our mission at Triple X Playground is the promise of each individual’s sexual fantasy and satisfaction.

www.txplive.com “where all your desired fantasies await!”

TXPLive.com – Allows access to thousands of Live sex cam operators from anywhere with the mobile version of TXP Live. Users can search for the hottest web cam operators, watch showings and interact with the operators using this free, downloadable app. (Available only to online members).

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